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Seth Noble
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Unix Tips

This primer is designed to help Unix users to better understand and use Unix-like systems.

As of 2010, the only widely-used operating system which is not based on Unix is Microsoft Windows.  Even the latest versions of Windows have adopted many Unix technologies, so the information here is widely applicable.

I created it back when I was doing my doctoral research to help students and researchers who use Unix and do some programming, but who have not been given the knowledge to fully understand and use the system.  The secondary audience is experienced Unix users who would like to know some tricks and tips to get things done faster, or just round out their knowledge.


The Kernel   The core of the operating system
Memory   How memory is managed
File Systems   Partitioning and file organization


Understanding Man Pages   Make the system answer your questions
Common Commands   Basic things Unix can do for you
Backing Up Systems   Recommendations for backup hardware and software
Hard Drive Recovery   How to recover from hardware failures and media errors.

DEI Tech Notes

DEI also has an extensive collection of up-to-date technical reference articles about high-performance data transport and related technologies.  See the Performance section of the DEI Tech Notes page for more.

DISCLAIMERS: Unix Tips are based upon features common to typical BSD and SYSV based Unix systems.  Features will vary by vendor, revision, and local installation.  Some systems may vary significantly from details described herein.  "UNIX" is the trademark of some company that bought the name from some other company that bought it from some other company that bought it from AT&T.